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Author Saharra K. Sandhu


Astronaut Sarai Mathews knows the end is near when a giant wave rolls in and pulls her from the beach weeks before her space launch. But something strange happens: she doesn’t die. Instead, she grows gills and breathes underwater. While in the depths, she meets a man named Jon Luc. According to him, they’re both children of Yemalla, an ancient African queen of the sea. They are half human, half Earth spirit and she is a descendant from their missing children who were lost in slavery. Now, with Jon Luc’s help, she must solve the mystery of her heritage because someone is after her and they are determined to stop her from reaching orbit!


It was the lack of motion that jolted Sarai awake. The violent sensation of the waves tossing her about was gone, replaced by smooth, gentle water. Strong arms surrounded her, held her close. She inhaled sharply, then slowly opened her eyes. Focusing was difficult. Her vision moved in and out. She blinked, looked left, and saw diffused light that undulated in variegated bands of blue and green. Her eyes followed the light up. A halo of sunlight spilled down from the surface. They were several feet underwater, and somehow, she was not struggling for air.

She closed her eyes and put her head down on a shoulder. The shoulder was broad and hard, the skin smooth. She rubbed her head against it. Mmmmm, nice …

Her eyes flew open. She held her breath.

Whose shoulder does this belong to?

Sarai slowly looked up into the eyes of a stranger. His face was chocolate brown and came complete with full lips and a broad nose. It was framed with tight, dark brown curls that glowed with streaks of golden brown phosphorescent light. His eyes were what really drew her attention. They glowed. The irises were light brown with gold flecks of light. Each eyelash was tipped with tiny beads of gold light. His whole face seemed to wink on and off when he blinked his eyes.

Wow. This brother was stunning. She was never one to describe a man as stunning, but he fit the bill.

Did I just drown? She thought to herself, and then jumped when a man’s voice answered.

No, not quite.

About the Author:

Saharra K. Sandhu is a mad scientist during the day and a romance writer at night. Great combination! She has traveled throughout South America and the Caribbean collecting folklore and Afro-Caribbean stories. With her library full of material, she set out to weave tales based on these treasured finds. Thus, the half sea spirits, half human Gaiian (sounds like Hawaiian) people were born. Her debut novel Daughter Of The Missing is a finalist in the Harlem Book Fair Wheatley Book Awards. The sequel Fire In Ice (Due out February 2017) placed second in the Valley Of The Sun Hot Prospects Contest. She currently resides in the South West with her husband, two children and pet dog named Derby. To learn more, please visit her Web Site at

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